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I an robert cop 3

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I think your craziness is infectious, probably will end up playing all of your games at this rate, something oddly nostalgic and liminal with this one. Thank you Dev for this nightmare!

A mysterious one. Found three endings thus far

Love it! Your idea was very well conveyed! I don't know what happened to me at the end though, when I saw a bunch of faces, but the game was a strong experience!

Yes it happened to me too. I am visably confuzzled.

this was pretty spooky but i liked it!

Hi. I've been enjoying the hell out of your games lately. I played Crypt Worlds a while back, but have been revisiting these others and I have a new appreciation for the worlds you create. I can't wait the see what you've got planned next!

(PS- Symbol was my fav of the ones here, I think b/c it felt the most complete, but they are all damned exceptional.)