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Life's not easy when you've got a flimjam toe and grasshopper booties! It's a MookerzZ world out there, and we understand that.
"There's two toruses inside of each other with a low-resolution shader material thing. And then there's like, a sphere with just like, a simple opaque black shader…Like it's got like a dark grey material and it just has like no texture, it's very simple. And on top there is a big sphere that's kind of like wider than it is tall and it has like a '90s blue marble texture. And that's like, it."
    ━━━sunshawarby, in response to "has anyone played Mookerz?", replies 48–55
"It, I guess, has 30 new rugs for Skyrim. There are fifteen rectangle rugs, and fifteen round rugs, and they're really tall, and I thought at first they were images of pizzas in Morrowind, like I thought that someone had added pizzas to Morrowind."
    ━━━SongOfTheLynx, "MookerzZ, 2021 Lilith Zone"
"So there's a big stump with a hole in it, and I think the hamster lives in the hole, and there is, um, a little hamster—the other hamster's dancing, and a little hamster at the base of the stump is looking up at them watching them dance. And it makes a—it has a heart emoji over its head. And it seems to have a mailbox that is a mushroom…And you can breed a, a MookerzZ that has old man eyebrows and a Dreamcast logo on its belly."
    ━━━Rosie Turner, conversation about MookerzZ, phone call

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorLilith Zone
GenreAction, Puzzle
Tagsdoors, meeperzz, mookerzz


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Can't even describe how much I love every experience y'all have shared. Been a fan for nearly a decade now, and each new release does not fail to mesmerize me. Thank you!


wish I had a house like that


Super super nice to explore! Thank you!


the sense of space here is exhilarating. what a joy to just wander. i am grateful to lilith's mom's friend's dad for letting us dick around in his mansion for a little while!

(2 edits) (+3)

This game melted my soul and crumbled my being into a nostalgic puddle. 10/10


excellent gaming experience. hell jungle gym of the soul caused heart palpitations and ego death. A worthy sequel to StarCraft 2.