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day/night diorama


-night forest music is by Zoë Sparks


-uses MV3D by Cutievirus


- i made most of the music over the course of a day in WolframTones



other stuff:

uses standard rpgmaker control scheme, except for looking up and down

if using a controller, you can use the left and right bumpers

if using a keyboard you can use the Page Up / Page Down buttons

you have to step onto the same tile as the airship to board it

f4 makes it fullscreen

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorLilith Zone


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DayNightTown.7z 370 MB


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Loved your work since crypt worlds...I especially love how futile everything feels in this...keep up the great work!


thanks!! ill keep on making garbage til i explode!!


Essential garbage


Excellent dungeon crawl experience for action centered gamers, intense rivalry and deadly conversation. Thank you for the game and thank you for fun.


id like to think of it as my answer to Dark Messiash of Might and Magic. what can i say.


Is there an ending to this?


day and night go on forever!


Activate windows




so so so so so good. had a good time blimping about with my friends lili, cathbad, and miniature soldier


great game would share a tender moment with lili in front of a mysterious monument and wonder if it's felt like this for 100 years again


I've been following you since 2014, and I'm so glad you're still making games in the same capacity. Little moments like finding the mouse queen  or that weird horse in the basement were really magical. I love how you hide little details for players willing to go the extra mile! Keep up the good work!!!! :)


im loving exploring this atm!! ty so much for sharing it lili ^~^ great job


thanks im glad!!!


omg this plugin is so cool. your style works so well in a pseudo 3D rpg world...


thanks!! what can i say, i love putting texture on cube