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room from memory of night children hospital

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AuthorLilith Zone


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BetsyHospital_3-04-2020_PC.7z 969 MB


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Nostalgia isn't just remembering Mickey Mouse, its all the weird symbols patterns and colors you see as a kid and this game captures that idea perfectly. Its hard to describe which explains why no one really talks about or does anything with this.
Also I dragged every item into the front door area and the rag dolls glitched out and the blue stuff streched across the screen and clipped into the floor and the audio started stretching and the game slowed to a halt and crashed and every program on my computer stopped working for 10 minutes


Nice and atmospheric. I think I explored everything but it's hard to be sure.


A++ cushions and drawers.


i pride myself on my cushions


that's so beautiful


That carpet sure brings back memories. I really enjoyed getting inside and crawling up the structure.

A couple of the vhs tapes crash the game for me... Otherwise super nice, just what i needed (-:

hey sorry!!! which ones? does it crash when you first put em in? also does it give a specific error or does it just crash? mysterious..

The tape in the back and on the right of the shelf just below the TV cause the crash. It just says whatever.exe has stopped working. Not sure if there is a way I can get a useful stack trace for you or something--let me know! The crash happens as soon as I put either of those tapes in.


Wow! I definitely got a buzz from this mass of 3D scenery. The cupboards with stuff in them was one of the best things. The tapes didn't have much inside them, but I always got a delight-bump when I found another VHS in the world. I think I found 6.

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good ..but so freak ..like it


Yes!! A Videogame!!