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This is so dope, Lilith. I've been looking for an excuse to try my hand at making worlds and experiences, and now that the crypt has opened, I have my answer. Thank you greatly.

Hello Lilith, big fan of your work. Just wondering what license these assets are under. Are we free to use these assets in a project (commercial, non commercial etc.)? Thanks.

yeah go wild, anything you want to do with them is fine with me



Gosh this looks so cool!  But I have a question before I might buy: Do all the included textures come in .PNG format so they can possibly be used in 2D games/programs/art too??

I unfortunately don't have any 3D-type softwares to use the models in at the moment, but am still interested in all the patterns and stuff.


Hey- I might be forgetting some but I save all my textures in .png and after checking I didn't see anything else at least!


Now to purchase a 3d printer and print everything to make my own real life CRYPT WORLD!


So what you're saying is I can buy the Ikea flat pack version of crypt underwearlds?


i'm still making models for it but i'll probably try and update it when it's closer to completion, so essentially, yeh

better watch your back, I'll have a bootleg out so fast it'll make your skull corkscrew off


This is a sweet collection! I just wish the models were in .fbx format, so I could use them straight away.