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Your projects are awesome. I downloaded Crypt Worlds back in 2013 and have been closely following your content ever since. I was 15, I am now 24. Your unique art and story telling has had a significant impact on how I would develop my own interests and tastes from an impressionable age and I'm better off for it.


lol this is amazing

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can i burn this to a cd and leave it somewhere downtown in an italian pizza shop- btw boss is so cool


aw thanks!! and honestly i've always wanted to expand into the pizza business, you would be helping me greatly so feel welcome to freely distribute it at any and all pizzerias. if it works maybe can finally get a licensing deal to include bessttsy city comics in the childrens menu. anyway heres to dreaming!

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ok i did it , i made a cool cover for it too, and left under a seat for an unsuspecting victim 


woww im genuinely touched, thank you!!


i can't wait to see what happens next